"The cinema is cruel like a miracle." -Frank O'Hara


THE CYNEPHILE is my not-so-serious forum to explore the intersection between cinema and contemporary art, and to register some of the ways in which moving images inflect modern culture.
It also represents my meager but sincere contribution towards a new kind of cine-love.

In other words, It’s where film and art make out.

THE CYNEPHILE is Cynthia Lugo, a Brooklyn-based writer. Read a bit about me here.
You can also read this poem composed by my dear friend Usman:

Eternally nocturnal, darkened theaters make her smile—
She’ll sit and watch a film all night, front-center (never aisle);
This luminescent lust, this passion’s not a sin, or vile—
It just makes Cyn a cinephile, and me a Cynephile.


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